We understand entertainment is the heart & soul of your house. Friends and family gather together to enjoy all kinds of entertainment. From cheering on your favourite sports team to huddling together for a riveting movie night, we work diligently to optimise this environment for you.  

We make sure the environment is ideal to each client as we have limitless possibilities to optimise the experience being able to control the lighting, sound and video at the push of a button. 

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Every space needs to reflect your mood which is why we believe in providing you with the ability to have control of one of the most important aspects of your environment with the touch of a button.

Our lighting control systems are programmed to each individuals needs. We get to understand the psychology of our clients, ensuring that the functionality we provide, seamlessly integrates with their environmental and behavioral preferences. We strive to create a space unique to you.

smart lighting + home automation


Security and access control are areas where we do not compromise. We believe in using a robust system which prevents any unauthorised access to your space.


We aim to provide you with easy access and control of your home. Our security solutions are as invisible as possible, not compromising the overall aesthetic of the space

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HVAC & Shading

We provide energy saving automation solutions. There is no wastage of electricity as devices are monitored and controlled through the automation system.

Maintaining the room temperature is key for every activity.

Adjusting lighting controls can impact up to 10% of home energy costs, the right curtains can mitigate heating effects of the sun and remote automation controls can curb unnecessary electricity usage at the touch of a button.

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